This is the website of Tjeerd in ‘t Veen.

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Professionally I work as a software engineer and make web-apps and iOS apps. I have been programming since 1999 and have done many diverse projects. I am very proficient in product development and utilize a lean approach.

Since May 2016 I am consulting at ING Bank for their mobile division as a software architect. The ING Mobile app is serving millions of users per day.

In 2014 I co-founded Bundle as head of technology. Bundle is an app that helps you find the best photos and creates a complete story together with friends. With Bundle it is also really easy to order printed photobooks straight from your mobile phone.

Bundle is featured in Apple’s iTunes App Store since Q4 2015.

Bundle has been featured on The Today Show in The United States.

My responsibilities at Bundle included laying out the technical architecture and I have had a major role in the development of the full stack. Including the iPhone app, the AppleTV app, the web client, the photobook ordering process, and the back-end and API.

In 2014 I was in the intense, three-month Startup Bootcamp program in Amsterdam. With Bundle (formerly known as Ukky) I was in a pool of 11 startups that got selected out of 700 companies. During this highly demanding training, I quickly learned how to turn an idea into a succesful company.

Straight out of university in 2007, I co-founded Vurig, an internet company that grew to a team of eight people. Although small, we worked for big named clients. Such as Kawasaki, Bosch, Philips (Lighting Department) and Riscure.

During my time at Vurig I worked on Ruby on Rails projects, taught Ruby classes and developed lots of apps, such as an app for the Dutch Police force or for the Royal Dutch Army (2012 - 2013 commissioned by Maximum).

Before programming in Ruby and iOS in 2010, Adobe’s Flash was still hot and I delivered numerous interactive projects. For example, an interactive solar system for an Italian magazine, using Augmented Reality technology.

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in 2007 from The Hague University.

During university in 2005 to 2007, I interned and later freelanced as a Flash developer and worked on projects for the Rijksmuseum, Heineken en Albert Heijn. Hired by Fabrique.

Per hobby projects I enjoy using Elixir. Or creating my own apps, such as a Light Timer for Philips Hue.

Per programming languages, I am very well versed in Swift, Objective-C and Ruby. Also moderately versed in Elixir.

Books I recommend:

General Books - Stumbling upon Happiness - The Definitive Book of Body Language

Startup books - Hooked - The Mom Test

Programming books - Clean code - Elixir in Action - Functional Swift - Programming Elixir - Eloquent Ruby - Metaprogramming Ruby